Challenging Curriculum


Do you want your child to receive the best education possible,  and be individually challenged?

Our challenging, differentiated elementary curriculum was chosen with great care and created by an Elementary Education specialist.

Our Core Curriculum is based on the Kansas State Standards for each grade level.  However, since students are not all the same, higher grade level standards are utilized for individualized enrichment and differentiated based on personalized student needs.

Our Language Arts Curriculum  We focus on phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, grammar, fluency, and comprehension. This is accomplished by facilitating the appropriate grade level standards through the use of a variety of text types and genres.  Our primary students are taught the Animated Literacy Program which teaches phonics and phonemic awareness through characters, songs, and actions. Students who are ready then advance into literature materials that are on their instructional, academic level and incorporate writing, language arts, and comprehension activities.  Our adopted reading curriculum- Treasures by McMillan/McGraw-Hill focuses on vocabulary, grammar, fluency, and comprehension. Composition is also an important aspect of our language arts curriculum.  Students are taken through the writing process and informally publish their chosen projects throughout the year.

Our Mathematics Curriculum allows for a “hands on” approach to math using Investigations, Math Every Day, My Math, manipulatives, and paper pencil activities. The students will be learning how to problem solve and apply math to real life situations as they become 21st century learners. Our focus is to facilitate the state math standards with particular emphasis in the primary grades on number sense, identifying numbers, colors, shapes, patterns, counting, measuring, time, money, weight, capacity, volume, fractions, adding, and subtracting sets. Higher order thinking skills, mastery of these concepts, and application of math concepts is the goal. Intermediate grades are instructed utilizing core standards, with a focus on upper level computation and problem solving.  Interactive technology based lessons, tier groups, and differentiated instruction help us meet the needs of the diverse learners.

Our Supplemental Curriculums include Science, Social Studies, Health, Art, Music, Computer Education, Smart Board Technology, Physical Education, Social Development, and Language Development with a Spanish Enrichment program. The instructional models used to facilitate these concepts are whole group lessons, small group activities, partner activities, academic centers, free choice centers, cooperative learning groups, leveled groups, individual projects, and outdoor activities. All curricular learning activities are integrated to provide more meaningful experiences for the students.

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