Uniform/Dress Code Policy

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  • Uniforms are  required for all new students entering the Academy.
  • Uniforms are strongly recommended and encouraged for previously enrolled students in both Honey Tree and Branches. (Students enrolled prior to the 2015-2016 school year).
  • Uniforms will be worn M-Th. Students may wear jeans, shorts, or skorts with our more casual school apparel on Fridays if they choose to wear those clothes instead of uniforms, otherwise uniforms should be worn.
  • We will have spirit weeks each nine weeks when uniforms will not be required and we will have ‘fun theme days’ during those weeks for student incentive choice days.
  • Uniform components include; Parker plaid jumpers and skorts, Parker hunter green monogrammed shirts (long sleeve and short sleeve), Parker hunter green monogramed dresses, khaki pants, skorts, and shorts, white dress button up blouse and dress shirts. Uniforms can be purchased at parkersu.com.
  • The khaki items (pants, skorts, and shorts) and white button up blouses and dress shirts may be purchased from other retailers or discount stores instead of Parker Uniforms, if you prefer. These items are not monogrammed.
  • Parker Uniforms carry hunter green sweaters, sweatshirts, a variety of hair accessories, socks, and doll clothes that coordinate with our uniforms that may be worn.
  • Jackets worn in the classroom will need to coordinate with uniforms.
  • Socks for students in uniform need to be white, black, hunter green, or khaki. These may be purchased at stores of your choice.
  • Shoes should be close toed black, brown, or white.
  • We will have a ‘trade sale’ twice a year at the school so that parents can purchase and resell uniform components in good condition if they are available.

We have a few additional components that will be part of our dress code for all students.

  • Girls in elementary must wear shorts under all dresses or skirts.
  • No graphics, pictures, or words are allowed on clothing other than our school logos. ‘Branding’ (logos) on clothing smaller than a thumb print are acceptable.
  • All elementary students must wear closed toed, athletic shoes on PE days.
  • Shoulder straps should be at least two fingers wide and midriffs must always be covered.

To order uniforms online, please go to https://www.parkersu.com/