Summer Program

We offer an exciting summer enrichment program. The learning does not stop at Branches Academy in the summer! Our focus is twofold during the summer months. We provide a jump start program for our new students, and an enrichment program as an extension of our school year program for our returning students. This allows all of our children to bloom regardless of their capabilities and age, by avoiding summer regression.

slides 2012 038The children learn, and have a fun summer experience along the way with our exciting summer themes. The mornings are filled with Language Arts, Math and Science to enrich your child academically.  The afternoons include supplemental summer activities such as Spanish enrichment, art projects, music, water fun, cooking, keyboarding, swim lessons, sports lessons, and outdoor play. Additionally, each week the students will go on a field trip or have fun educational presentations.  Field trips may include movies, picnics, bowling, skating, museums, nature walks, community attractions, tours, and more. Our summer is sure to have some of the most exciting, memorable, and fun-filled experiences your child can imagine.  A separate summer activity fee is charged to cover presentations, transportation costs, and entrance fees.

Click on the link and picture below to view our Summer Spectacular Program.